Creative Meditation – Who knew???

I find meditating in a traditional way (sitting in a quiet tranquil place and clearing the mind  or chasing thoughts away) almost impossible and certainly a challenge without being led, such as at the end of a Yoga session or in guided meditation.

So when I was researching meditation this week I was thrilled to discover there are many techniques for meditation and I realised that actually I DO meditate but I do it in moving form and its always in a creative activity. What a revelation!!

These musings began on Saturday when I took time out to attend a Batik workshop. I got lost in the Zone of the technique… wax on paper, light wash of paint, dry,  wax on paper, wash of paint, dry … over and over until the image is ready. I followed the guidance of Louise and created a lovely flower design …


Then we had a chance to do another design… and then it began… I had a clear need to create a universe with galaxies of all colours. As I entered the creative meditative zone I felt like it was taking me, designing itself. As we worked together, the Universe and I,  I tuned into my dad, always around as I am creative, and I tuned into the Dogs I have been sending Healing to this week. The 2 Lulu’s one with a terrible burn and the other with internal injuries from an RTA. I felt them there, so they have little heart Galaxies with them tucked up in  there. I found the little pup Hannah who sadly died and her star burns brightly for her mum to see. The wash colours found me… I knew clearly what they should be … the Chakra colours,  so the image is full of vibration and energy, red/brown, orange yellow, green ., blue violet/purple and white .


I had so much feedback when I shared it, from all kinds of friends in my Social media networks. it needs some more work. I am guided to add craft gems for light energy and vibration and particularly some Chakra crystal tumbled chips.

I am looking forward to , in the future, returning to this image and this  technique, on paper and fabric. To move the creativity further.

As a result of me being blown away by the wonderful meditation and creativity and my friends encouragement I joined a Mandala group.

Here is some information about Tibetan Mandala (obviously my most drawn to form!)

I had a go Just let it flow whatever I was drawn to draw. I chose to use my Dads pencils crayons and sketch books, he was so close by. In my design I stayed with the Universe and Chakra theme but this time grounded on earth and with nature. It was so restful and yes meditative, losing myself in the theme, in the movement of colouring, being mindful of the colours of the lines of the shape and form.


And so to today and a wonderful and very deep creative meditation. one that has left me with questions and a sense of achievement and knowledge that healing is being shared.

I belong to a  Tibetan Terrier Facebook group. Here I have been privileged to meet and be friends with a wonderful assortment of people. I have also been drawn together with like minded spiritual and healer/therapist friends, ones who are as passionate about our dogs as I !!

In the last week we have had some really poorly dogs. Along with my Animal Magic Healing friends, many of us have been sending distance healing, prayers and love. It is very powerful this group sending of love light and healing, both dogs have recovered from some terrible and life threatening injuries and one is home and the other making excellent progress. Such a relief. Both have a long way to go.

Some friends decided to send some flowers and a “love n Hug” package to the dogs and their people. I decided to bake some dog cookies to add to the support.

When I bake , I realised a while ago, I meditate. In that I clear my mind except for the motions of the process. I dont use recipe books or weigh I just intuitively mix. I work alone with only an intuitive choice of music.

Today I chose to listen to the track above and  others by the same artist. This is my favourite track to lose to myself to and the album is the  one I used when I created the vibrational essences used in Arborial Essence treatments during the summer .

As I baked my traditional recipes a new one developed in my head, intuitively I was drawn to gather the ingredients, and some crystals. Selenite and Clear Quartz, the crystals I used to energise the water I made the essence with in the Summer.

As I gathered the ingredients the focus of the process became healing. My hand and feet vibrations intensified (as they are as I write). I cleansed and energised the crystals with spring water and then added them to a jug of spring water. I gathered together ingredients, specific in their efficacy for the needs of the 3 dogs I was focused on. Lulu with a Burn and skin damage, Lulu with damage to internal organs from an RTA and little Bundas a Hungarian Puli rescue with severely damaged hind legs, awaiting referral for Orthopedic consideration. he seems not to be “bothered” but may be living with pain and discomfort.

And so the alchemy began, for it felt that way, I was being moved to add ingredients, oats and bran for gentle support for the improvement of digestive processes, artisan honey from my Healing friend, a healing ingredient for the whole body, a little homemade Golden Paste (Turmeric with coconut oil and black pepper) a natural anti inflammatory and highly efficacious in healing and mobility , coconut oil with numerous healing properties it is particularly good at healing skin and hair growth, it also helps mobility, cinnamon for flavour and the crystal energised  spring water … it bound together beautifully and pressed out in hearts, all the time I was sending healing thoughts into the dough as I Kneaded and rolled it,  specifically for the dogs I was working with but for all who receive the gifts. When they were baked I left them to cool with the Quartz amongst them sending healing vibrations and the Selenite charging them with universal light.

My question is … is it possible to charge healing into cookies made with intuition and love, guided by the universe? We shall see!

Inspired by the Mandala a Day Facebook group I decided today’s Mandala creation would be cookie inspired. Once more I lost myself in the patterns.

I am so glad I have found my Moving Creative Meditation … it has enhanced my connections to the Universe.

With Love Light Blessings and the Healing Power of Heart Cookies

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