Itchy Dogs?

tilly chilling gardenHow we finally fixed Tilly’s appalling Seasonal /Food Allergies

Tilly is a Tibetan Terrier, a breed that can be prone to itchy and sore skin, these dogs can suffer with allergic reactions that can traditionally  be really hard to fix without chemical intervention. This is how we did it holistically and simply, and not just us, but many of our breed!

We adopted Tilly (5)  aged 2 with a sketchy history of her former life, most probably a Puppy Farm breeder. When we got her she was intensely itching. It drove her mad. For a couple of years I did the best I could, kept her short haired to keep an eye on it and considered what might be making it worse.

Then I entered the world of Holistic Therapy for Animals. I was lucky to be receiving and finding wide ranging information about helping our dogs to be healthy.  I realised quickly that the home and outside environment was instrumental in creating an allergic response, some things we could manage and some we could not. Those I quickly responded to were:

  • scented candles and melts (I now make my own soy candles scented with organic essential oil)
  • fabric,  air and carpet freshener (I use spring water and a mix of essential oils in a spray bottle and for carpets add essential oils to bicarbonate f soda, shake on carpet with a flour shaker and vaccuum up)
  • clothes wash and conditioner (already hypoallergenic)

I then consulted with a Holistic vet who felt if we could not sort her out an allergy test such as Hemopet Nutriscan

With the help of the Vet we then worked on her Allergies from the place they orginated – the Gut.  Nutrition is the key to all allergic responses.

Years of very poor nutrition had damaged her gut and it needed to be reset , so it no longer had a histamine response to food. We put her on a turkey only diet and added a range of supplements. This was somewhat effective, although she still cannot eat lamb or beef.

Then last year a few things happened. I attended Bach Flower Therapy training with Animal Magic Training in Norfolk and I got hooked on these marvellous remedies. Tilly had a particularly bad flare up, where she was literally tearing her fur out, and I was being sent often, a fabulous looking wash for itchy skin.

I took Tilly to the vet, I believed her flare up was allergic in basis but also fungal, I looked carefully and felt a check was in order. He looked at her for a few moments to announce she had an allergic flare up, my question was why, what was wrong with her skin? The view was it wasn’t worth finding out when there was a drug which could stop it! I paid my £50 and said no thank you.

My Bach learning has told me that Crab Apple was a cleanser inside and out. It also works with historical feelings of being unclean or dirty. I needed a case study so Tilly became my first.

I made a mix up of some of the things I had been told about in the videos circulating at the time.

  • 50ml cold fresh green tea (soothing for the skin, spring water can be substituted)
  • 50ml apple cider vinegar (astringent for the skin and supports antifungal)
  • 5ml colloidal Silver (all round antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal)
  • 4 drops of Bach Crab Apple remedy (energetic vibrational therapy for cleansing)

I used this on her sore areas 4x daily for 2 weeks  and whenever she seemed uncomfortable. I also added 4 drops of crab apple to her food in this time. Within the 2 weeks she was considerably less itchy and uncomfortable. Her skin was smooth and calm.  I then went to a “need to” basis with the wash. Within a few weeks she was no longer itching.

9 months later she rarely scratches, her coat is beautiful, as is her general health and she has not succumbed to the seasonal allergies her breed friends are currently suffering with.

I have offered this remedy to many people over the past few months and always had wonderful feedback at how quickly and thoroughly this clears up the issue. Please share, and comment if it has helped you.

Namaste from us all, especially Tilly x