Next Steps ….

In the past year I have moved on in my learning both academic and spiritual. I have undertaken and achieved a Diploma in Animal Magic Reiki and Canine Behaviour, I am an accredited Animal Magic Healer . I am continuing to study for Master Healer and I have achieved Master Trainer in Animal Reiki. I am currently studying Bach Flower remedies for animals and continue to investigate the power of healing with leaf essence energy. I have added Dog Training to my interest and when the time is right I will undertake accredited training with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers with the view that current Dog School Training is not addressing the needs of dogs living in our modern busy households, and not meeting the needs of well  meaning owners and their families. This is definitely a work in progress!!

As a result of the training and particularly the networking I undertake at courses I attend and online I have a wide circle of like-minded and gifted friends and acquaintances. I have learned so much from them.

So what are the next steps? I have transformed BlissButterfly into Peaceful Paws Therapy and Training to reflect where I feel my learning will take me. I have set up a set of Animal Reiki Training sessions from a chance to bond with your animal through a calm and focussed day where there will be chances to understand how Reiki can influence behaviour and wellbeing as well as other ways to create a calm environment. I also offer Animal Reiki Level 1 Certificate and attunement and Level 2 Diploma and attunement. I am also beginning to host other excellent practitioners locally.

Its a busy time and I need to stop and reflect often to ensure I remain grounded and in flow. This is my “”Go to” meditation and grounding track, Genghis and Tilly love it too!