The Beginning (July 2015)

The image you see at the front of my blog is one that was gifted to me by Spiritual Artist Jo Fildew from a photograph. She used it to create an image and to offer her insight into my spiritual journey. This is her thoughts…

transforming, emerging, becoming.

New Pathways opening as old close, Trust and follow the joy within the Heart. 
Bridge from old to new being walked.
Energy gateway supporting transition from old space to new. 
Trust and Faith to support personal expansion.
Releasing self judgement, all is perfectly unfolding for love to become, 
acknowledging Divine Spirit within and the strength and support
 to release and manifest inspired ideas.
Bringing Faith and Trust in Divine Order beyond judgement
 to the Garden of One's Life and recovery of Divine Peace and fulfilment.

I was blown away, by the image which I love and have now adopted
as the butterfly Icon which is nowthe image for my 
Therapy Work and inspires the name of this blog.  

As I explained in the introductory Blog, I have had Spiritual support from 
Angelic Reiki and Celtic Cards ... each time the same message. New Pathways,
 an emerging spiritual journey, gifts to offer. 

And so it begins ...

How my story begins … a reflection… (November 2014)

In 2006 I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. For a year I could not work or take part in physical activity I had a lot of thinking time! In April 2007 I had the procedure that should have cured the condition. I had a medical emergency during the procedure, a catheter pierced the wall to my right ventricle and my heart needed stitching up. It was very scary and during the 2 hours of trying to keep me going before surgery a lot of thoughts flashed through my head. The most significant (apart from my husband and children) was about ensuring I made the most of the new life with which  I was being entrusted.

I was so motivated to return to work as a Headteacher at a school where the children families and staff were a significant part of my life. On reflection I think this is where my Healing Journey began. I know I made a huge positive difference to many families in real need.

5 years later the terminal illness of my father, my mums dementia diagnoses and the terrors of a Government organisation that does not recognise the needs of real people, people in great emotional, social and financial need, saw me quit my beloved job.

In the past two years I have been ill myself, I now believe much of this is caused by negative emotions, mainly grief, for my parents, my job and other life changing experiences , its been a time of finishes, exits, terminations. In order to seek wellbeing of body and soul I turned to a new Reiki healer and to my special friend who helps guide me with cards. The Reiki healer told me I have a kind and compassionate aura and energy and that it is all positive, that I have new starts coming and an abundance waiting, and because of my positive energy she imagined I would be a Reiki practitioner in the near future. I was totally surprised, although interested I have never thought to practice. I asked the cards, the same answers came. So my journey began.